Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Seasons Greetings

There are a number of religious and secular celebrations of various sorts occurring over the next few weeks and so it seems appropriate for me to wish everyone all the best for whichever of those celebrations that it is that you celebrate.

There seems to be a move in recent years to not specifically reference any particular celebration when offering greetings at this time of year since that is assumed to be offensive to those who do not participate in the particular celebration. I have selected what I hope is a completely neutral greeting to head this post just in case you are one of those who takes offense at a particular greeting relating to a celebration that you do not participate in. On the other hand I do not object to anyone wanting to return the greeting with reference to some celebration that they participate in.

The only forms of greeting that I do object to are those that are trying to be “politically correct” without having considered that the words of their greeting actually have a completely different meaning in different parts of the world. A greeting of “Happy Holidays” is completely inappropriate since I am not going away on an extended trip in the near future. If you are going away on such a trip in the near future then I’ll wish you a happy holiday but going away on holidays has nothing whatever to do with the coming celebrations (unless you live in the USA where the word holiday means something totally different). In any case with regard to wishing someone “Happy Holidays”, I prefer to use the French equivalent and wish them a “Bon Voyage” instead.

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