Sunday, January 11th, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Over the last few days I have seen two movies by this name – one made in 1951 and one made in 2008. I have never seen two totally opposite movies sharing the same name before.

The 1951 movie is named for an event that occurs in the middle of the movie that is central to the story line. The peaceful aliens have arrived to announce that the robot policemen who prevent violence in their civilisations by destroying anything that anyone tries to use as a weapon will also patrol the Earth preventing the use of weapons by mankind.

The 2008 movie borrows the names of three characters from the first movie along with its title and presents a completely opposite story. Rather than preventing violence the robot is a weapon that causes violence on a huge scale and the Earth standing still is tacked onto the end of the movie as an afterthought and has no relevance to the rest of the movie. A better name for the 2008 movie would have been “The Day of a Billion Deaths” or perhaps “The Start of the InterStellar War”. I hope that they make a sequel in which Earth strikes back at the alien invaders.

It is a pity that the robot policeman Gort from the 1951 movie was not on Earth to defend us from the alien invasion in the 2008 movie as he could have destroyed the GORT weapon and saved all those human lives.

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