Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Stupid Bus Stop Locations

One thing that has been becoming more noticable to me of late is the stupidity of where many of the bus stops are located on some main roads. Many of these roads are three lanes wide and have S sections in them to ensure that two of the lanes can be used for through traffic while still allowing for both parked cars in the left lane and cars stopped waiting to turn right from the right lane. The two lanes to the right of the parking lane become the two lanes to the left of a right turn lane.

What is stupid about the bus stop locations in many cases is that instead of locating then where the two through lanes are to the right and the bus stop can be positioned in the parking lane, the bus stop is located instead in a spot where it is either in the left of the two traffic lanes alongside a right turn lane or even worse positioned actually into the S section of the road where there is almost but not quite enough room for traffic to get past without moving too close to the traffic in the other lane.

You have to wonder where the people who positioned those bus stops were when the brains were handed out because they certainly missed out on getting any.

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