Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Poor Service from Utility Providers

Extremely annoying for my family was the fact that the power had been off for just over two hours just before I got home yeaterday. Even more annoying was that it went off again a couple of hours later and was then off for over five and a half hours. As we gave up on sitting around with just candle light after a couple of hours and went to bed we were therefore all asleep when the power finally did come back on. Since we couldn’t tell in some cases what was on and what was off this then meant that a number of lights and other appliances were then on for four and a half hours after the power came back on until I woke up and turned them off. I guess this is the way that the electricity company make sure that they can still charge us the same for the power even though we were actually without power for many hours yesterday. All we can expect for the future is a further 20% increase in power charges and more problems. One thing we probably wont get is an apology for the power outages and theyt certainly wouldn’t discount our bill as compensation for their bad service.

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