Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Logic Puzzles

The radio station I listen to in the car on my way to work in the mornings has for quite some time now run a short segment involving a logic puzzle surrounded by a bit of light humour involving the invented character who presents the puzzle. Yesterday after receiving an email from one listener who objected to that invented character the segment wasn’t held.

When I got to work I sent off a quick email in support of the segment as I quite enjoy most of the logic puzzles.

This morning the segment was back as they said that they had received hundreds of emails in support of the segment. They then read out two of the emails that they had received followed by today’s puzzle “A girl just learning to drive went down a one way street the wrong way without breaking the law”.

I must have heard that one before since I knoew the right answer straight away. What I was wondering though was how many emails in support of the segment that they really reaceived since apart from their saying that they received hundreds I only have evidence of their receiving the two that they read out.

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