Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

What’s in a name?

There seem to be all sorts of unusual names being given to children lately (or perhaps not so recently since most of the ones I hear about are actually people in their twenties or so). One particular area of confusion seems to be betweenwhat have traditionally been boys names and what have been girls names. I have seen mention on the SitePoint forums recently of a guy objecting to having been referred to as a girl and similarly the other way around.

The name that keeps reminding me of this name confusion is Paris Hilton who is not as you would expect from the name a male (or if he is he’s a really ugly male). The most famous person in history with the name Paris was of course Prince Paris of Troy who was the person who stole Helen away from the Greeks which led to the ten year Greek/Trojan war that was only ended by the wooden horse tribute to Poseidon (god of horses) which turned out to be a trap. So you can’t get a more masculine name than Paris since it has been alongside that very feminine name Helen for several millenia.

Some people really need to take more care in naming their children.

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