Monday, October 26th, 2009

Some People are Stupid

In the news this morning was a mention of a cyclist who got annoyed at an overtaking bus and who when the bus next stopped to pick up passengers and he caught up he actually smashed the bus mirror and attacked the driver.

The news column also mentioned that this occured on a T-Way (which is a road for buses only – trucks, cars, and bikes are not allowed on a T-Way). Many readers seem to be ignoring the fact that it was someone illegally using that road (and would still have been illegal had he been in a car) to make verbal attacks against cyclists. when it is illegal activity that was the issue and had the incident occured on a regular road I am sure the driver of the bus would have acted appropriately toward other legitimate road users. As it was, the bus driver acted appropriately to let the cyclist know he was on a bus only road and was attacked for it.

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