Saturday, January 9th, 2010

“Don’t Use Our Service” is What The Message Says

A recent ad that I have noticed on TV is for a dating service. I tend not to notice ads but since this one seems to have picked a subtle way of telling people how useless their service is it kind of stuck out.

The girl in the ad is standing on a balcony saying that line from Shakespeare that people often misinterpret. You know the one where Juliet is asking Romeo why she had to go and fall in love with a member of a family that is her family’s worst enemy. The one where she asks him why he has to be Romeo and not someone from some other family that aren’t enemies.

In the ad a fellow then comes out onto another balcony and yells at her. Presumably he’s the one she’s asking the question to because there’s no one else there. Why she’d be asking him when the way that he yells at her shows that he has no interest in her I don’t know. I also don’t know why a dating service would want to imply that they can match you up with a member of some family that is the worst enemies of your family either. Such a match would always end in tragedy as it does in the original story.

Seems a good ad for telling people not to use that dating service though since the ad implies that any match they do find for you isn’t going to be a good one. Not that I need a dating service but I think the concept of one using a subtle ad that implies “don’t use us – we’ll match you up with someone completely inappropriate” is just crazy. What was the ad company thinking or were their brains on holidays the day they came up with that ad. Then again if their ad were actually promoting their service then I probably wouldn’t have noticed it – the same as I don’t notice most ads.

Just to clarify the Shakespeare reference – there is a war going on between the Montague and Capulet families. Juliet Capulet in on the balcony asking the man she loves Romeo Montague why she had to go and fall in love with him. Of course they didn’t ask why back in Shakespeare’s day they asked wherefore instead which was the old way of saying “why”.

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