Saturday, February 13th, 2010

War of Light and Shadow

I have been rereading some of Janny Wurts books, mostly those from her war of light and shadow series. From what I can see there are currently eight books available with several more still to come. I currently have the first six and have just reread the first three over the past week.

One thing I do find annoying is that Ms Wurts can’t add up. In the first book a clan of about 960 is almost decimated (which would reduce their numbers to around 870 or so) but there are only about 200 survivors. If nearly 10% died (which is what ‘nearly decimated’ means) and 200 survived then what happened to the other 670 clan members who are neither living nor dead? There are similar instances where the majority of a group are left in limbo neither amongst the decimated nor the living in the following books. Could it be that Ms Wurts doesn’t know what the word ‘decimated’ means even though she uses it constantly? Perhaps what she means is ‘obliterated’ which is like ‘decimated’ but 10 times the magnitude.

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