Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Model Railway Conventions

There are not a huge number of model railway conventions held in Australia, certainly nowhere near the number that are held in Europe and America. In the past twenty odd years I have managed to actually attend two such conventions. I was at the very first N Scale Convention held at Merrylands, NSW in 1989 and I was at the AMRA 50th Anniversary Convention held in 2001.

I have always wanted to get to more N Scale Conventions (which are held every two years) but either the convention was being held too far away or I was too busy with other activities to go.

Work has been ongoing now for a year or so on organising the AMRA 60th Anniversary Convention and the dates for the convention were announced to AMRA members a few months ago. I immediately started making plans to attend.

In the last day or two the dates for the next N Scale Convention were made public and they have selected the exact same weekend as the AMRA Convention. That means that even though the next N Scale Convention will be the one held closest to where I live of any of the 12 N Scale Conventions so far that I will definitely not be able to attend as I will instead be at the AMRA Convention.

What a pity that the AMRA members involved in organising the N Scale Convention couldn’t have advised of the clash and selected a different weekend.

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