Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Electricity Scammers

Beware of people coming to your door offering to switch you to a different electricity company. They are just taking advantage of the green energy hype to rip you off. No matter what they offer you it isn’t worth it. If you are already in a contract and have forgotten about it then it will cost you. The savings they offer will turn out to be no more than you could have got from your current supplier anyway.

These electricity scammers particularly like to pick on old people who are more likely to have forgotten that they signed a two year contract with a different supplier only a few months earlier. Their best opportunity comes with elderly married couples where the one who organised the last transfer is in hospital dying so that the other doesn’t know they are breaking a contract when they sign. If the scammer can time it so as to get them to sign just before the other dies so that they will be too busy organising the funeral etc to cancel when their current supplier reminds them of the contract then the scammer has really done well for themselves.

Whatever you do , if one of these lowlives comes to your door, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING. If you have a loaded gun you might decide to use that instead.

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