Wednesday, May 19th, 2010


After ten years this particular reality tv show is well past its use by date. I gave up watching it regularly after the third of the twenty seasons that have now been shown and have just looked in on the show occassionally in order to see if they have made any changes to actually make the show interesting again. These last two seasons have perhaps been slightly more interesting than most (and I have therefore looked at the show more often) simply because they have had one of the dumbest contestants on the show since season one where no one knoew how it worked. So called ‘evil’ Russell didn’t have a clue how to play the game and concentrated so hard on making sure that he made it through the entire 39 days that he gave no thought whatever to the far more important part of the game – making sure that the people on the jury will vote for you rather than someone else in the final vote. It would make absolutely no sense for the organisers to include him in the game ever again since it is obvious that everyone else playing will just take him to the final knowing that no one will vote for him. It only worked the second time because none of the other competitors in season 20 had seen season 19 before they played against him and therefore were unaware until it was too late that he plays to make it to the end rather than playing to win. While not the dumbest person to play the game ever, almost all the other players in season 20 knew more about playing the game than he did and it was only because of the stupid way that he was playing that led others to make the stupid mistakes that they made because they were under the mistaken impression that he was playing to win.

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