Saturday, May 29th, 2010

AUSKEY is craplock

The Australian Government has rolled out a new security key system to work across all Government web sites in place of the old site by site security keys. The only problem is it doesn’t work. Instead of making it easier to log in it locks you out completely

Firstly the instructions in the email sent advising how to swap over are wrong as they tell you to use the login option to start the change whereas it then tells you that you don’t have the software installed. You then need to use the register option instead which then recognises that you do have the old security installed and when you select to then upgrade from that tells you that the security you have been using for years isn’t supported by your browser/operating system.

Trying to sign up from scratch is even worse because you enter page after page of confidential information which the system discards as it goes so that by the time you get to the confirm page at the end you are asked to confirm that all the fields were blank.

Typical Government releasing things they forgot to test. What’s even worse is that they have broken things so I can no longer log in at all.

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