Friday, June 4th, 2010

More About AUSkey

After playing around a bit more I finally makaged to get the AUSkey software to download – had to use Opera identifying itself as Firefox since the downlload refused to run in Firefox at all because it said the browser isn’t supported (that’s what happens when you use browser detect code that was obsolete before the galaxy started to form). Next problem was in actually trying to install AUSkey. Couldn’t do it on Opera even though it didn’t detect that the browser wasn’t compatible – just had it crash when it tried to do something Opera doesn’t support (that’s what happens when you don’t test for the features you are trying to use actually being supported by the browser before you use them). Firefiox initially wouldn’t allow the install to even start since it said the browser wasn’t supported. It wasn’t until I updated the useragent so that Firefox identified itself as Internet Explorer that the install would run.

The current status is that the ATO credentials work to get me into my account in both Firefox and Opera (identified as Firefox) while the AUSkey only works in Firefox (identified as IE). I haven’t yet tested if it will work in Opera when it identifies itself as IE so maybe that’s the solution to getting AUSkey to work properly. Just wish that the ATO would consider updating their software so that it at least uses prehistoric code suitable for use by the dinosaurs instead of the current code that has been obsolete for 15 billion years.

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