Thursday, September 30th, 2010


An interesting article in today’s paper about how the world’s richest man who is currently visiting Australia has claimed that the $43 billion for the NBN is too expensive. Of course he’d say that given the industry that he has made all his money in.

By comparison a prior world’s richest man by the name of Bill Gates said all the way back when the internet was first created that it wouldn’t catch on until broadband speeds (by which he meant 1Gb+) were achieved as most of the potential applications of the internet wouldn’t be workable at slower speeds. From what he said about 20 years ago approximately 90% of what we will be able to do with the internet will only become possible once the NBN is completed.

Also heard on the radio this morning that the $43 billion figure is completely wrong and that based on what portion has already been done and how much that cost compared to its originally estimated cost that the final figure should be about $26 billion. A small price to pay for the technology that will revolutionise the world and which would leave Australia a long way behind the rest of the world if we don’t have it (if we wait until it becomes obvious to everyone that we need it – then it will be many more times as expensive to implement).

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