Friday, January 28th, 2011

More on Climate Change

  • Just because two of the hotest years on record (not that we have any significant records for this) were in the past ten years doesn’t mean that the average temperature over those ten years can’t have fallen.
  • I have been reading about climate change since the early 1970s. Back then they claimed that if nothing was done then we wouldn’t survive to see 2000. Obviously they were wrong.
  • The only difference between the climate change situation in the early 1970s and now is that now those involved have political support.
  • We don’t have enough billions of years of data to make any meaningful prediction of the effects of climate change and chaos theory says that we couldn’t make a meaningful prediction even if we did have the data.
  • There are predictions that if the average temperature climbs just a couple more degrees that certain ocean currents will change triggering an ice age.
  • Some people believe that it is only the warming effects of industry that have deferred an ice age (somewhat arrogant of them given that a few thousand years isn’t significant in predictions of when the next ice age will start and we certainly haven’t been industrialised that long).
  • Even if man does succeed in changing the environment enough to make it incapable of supporting human life that still will not affect over 90% of the life that is on Earth.
  • The climate on Earth has changed significantly in the past. When plants started pumping deadly poison into the air, animal life adapted to make use of that poison and now some animals (including us) can’t live without it. (Oxygen is one of the most deadly poisons that exists in nature). I have seen predictions that if CO2 levels rise significantly then we will adapt to need it and would then not be able to survive without it.
  • Just because there is nothing that hamanity can do to significantly change the planet doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do many of the things that are suggested to prevent climate change. Even though whatever we do will have no significant impact on the planet, it may still have a significant impact on humanity itself. For example cutting down on carbon emissions will give us cleaner air to breath.
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