Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

With hundreds dead, thousands injured (including several who had limbs amputated to free them from the rubble), who knows how many without power or water, and the city centre so badly damaged that there was even consideration of moving it to a new location, this has to be one of the worst natural disasters this year. Not everyone is supportive of those affected though. Looters have been taking advantage of the situation and even members of the press have created problems by trying to go places that they ought not.

As if all that isn’t enough to deal with those suffering from this terrible loss are also being told via a web site that they deserved what they got. This newspaper article discusses how some brainless garbage (I refuse to call them human because they obviously are not) have published a web site using a domain name likely to show up when people are searching for information about the disaster to try to suggest that the result of the earthquake was what the city deserved.

To make this situation worse the hosting provider that is hosting this site which is well known for immediately removing sites that are far less offensive than this site (since those sites are not claiming that people deserve to be dead) has have declared that the site is not sufficiently offensive for them to remove it without a court order. They have no compassion for those suffering through this disaster at all.

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