Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Moorebank Intermodal

Went to another meeting last night. The information that has been gathered seems compelling, it is just a matter of hoping that enough politicians have sufficient intelligence to understand it when it is presented to them.

The evidence relating to health risks has apparently been rejected because it relates to similar setups in America where 21000 people die each year due to living too close to an intermodal. Since no intermodal has been built so close to residential areas in Australia before there is no equivalent statistics here yet but presumably if the intermodal gets built then thousands will die as a result – then they’ll have their Australian evidence of the health risks. As the area is one of those where the population is growing the situation will only get worse over time.

Apparently one of the reasons for this choice of location is that this is considered the cheap option because it is close to an existing freight rail line. One person currently working in the affected area who is to be relocated provided information to indicate that the cost of moving the existing army facilities and clearing the site will cost about one and a half billion. Given that the Government already owns suitable already cleared land in other locations where a rail link could be built for a small fraction of this, their ‘cheap’ option is actually the most expensive.

Another issue raised is that of space. The capacity of what is to be built will be exceeded in not very many years. They then have to find somewhere to provide additional facilities. The alternate locations suggested have plenty of adjacent properly to allow for a lot of expansion. Also the local council in the area where the available land (far from residential areas) is actually want the intermodal while the local council where the Government wants to build it does not.

Yet another issue is the claim that it will reduce the number of trucks on the road. Given that the proposed site is further from the centre of Sydney and so the distance the goods would be transported by truck would be increased. The cheaper, healthier sites are far closer to the centre of Sydney and are likely to be even closer in the future as the centre moves further west and so will actually achieve what the intention is for building a new intermodal in the first place.

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Dominico Says:

Great Story Stephen! And your Absolutely Correct!