Friday, July 15th, 2011

Crazy Trip

I don’t know why but there were a number of really crazy things that happened on my way to work this morning. Two involved cars and the other two were on the radio.

The firsat car driver appeared to be in a real hurry. Every chance he got he exceeded the speed limit by as much as he could and sped past all the other cars until he had to slow down because of the other traffic on the road. I noticed him several times over half of my trip to work. The first time was as he came flying past me just after I had turned onto the main road that I follow most of the way to work. I saw him again at each set of traffic lights that I had to stop at (usually just behind me in the other lane). I saw him a couple more times as he came sppeding past me again. The last time I saw him he was way behind me waiting for the opportunity to turn right. I had stayed within the speed limit that whole way.

The second crazy driver had the idea that simply indicating gave him right of way to change lanes regardless of whether there was already a car next to him in that lane.

The first crazy on the radio had called in to a quiz but before answering the question decided to spend several minutes complaining about something. What he was complaining about I don’t know as I turned the radio off until after he finished.

The second crazy on the radio was answering the question “how many sides does a dodecahedron have”. The prior person had guessed 6 (which is of course a cube) and this person gave the correct answer of 12 but then went on to add extra incorrect information saying that a fifty cent piece is an example of a dodecahedron (which it isn’t because A. a 50 cent piece has 14 sides not 12 and B. Not all of the sides on a 50 cent piece are the same shape since 12 of the sides are rectangles and the other 2 are dodecagons whereas all the sides on a dodecahedron are pentagons). Why add unnecessary information when answering a question if the extra info you are going to add is incorrect?

Anyway, the crazies on the radio didn’t distract me and I was able to pay sufficient attention to the crazies on the road so as to arrive safely.

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