Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


Even those who know how to spell seem to rely too much on the spill chucker (sic) built into whichever application on their computer they are writing with. What they all seem to forget is that even though it can check if what you have typed is the correct spelling of a work, it still can’t check if it is the right word. There are lots of words that are similar enough to one another that the spell checker will not detect their mistake. Seldom a day goes by without my seeing something that contains the word ‘loose’ where that word makes no sense whatsoever. Of course the simplest way to check if a given word makes sense in a sentence where an antonym for the word exists is to check how the sentence reads if you substitie that antonym with the word ‘not’ in front so that the sentence should retain the same meaning. So any sentensce containing the word ‘loose’ should be able to have ‘not tight’ substituted since the sentence will still have the same meaning (if any) that it originally had. Of course if the word ‘loose’ mistakenly had one of the ‘o’ left out to make it ‘lose’ instead then the switch would be with ‘not win’ or ‘not find’ instead (depending on which meaning of ‘lose’ was intended.

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