Saturday, March 24th, 2012


You should never give your password to anyone. That some countries have interviewers asking for people’s FaceBook password in a job interview is ridiculous. Surely the only reason they would ask is to confirm that you follow the rule of not giving your passwords to anyone and they are not asking for it to breach your privacy.

Anyway, in order to have secure passwords for each of your sites you should have a different password for each. Since you’d never remember them all you should use a password vault program and store all your passwords in that. The only password you then need to remember is the master password to access your vault. As that password will only work on your computer it will be that much more secure anyway.

With proper security in place you wouldn’t be able to comply with the request to give someone any password that they could actually use as you wouldn’t remember any of the ones accessible from anywhere other than your own computer.

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