Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Program Bugs

All computer programs contain bugs. That’s why every so often you will find that software needs to be patched – because of a discovered bug that has been patched (hopefully in a way that doesn’t create additional bugs).

When I find a bug in software I generally report it with as much detail as possible so that it can hopefully get fixed. In almost every instance where I have reported a bug that bug has been fixed within a few weeks. There have only been two instances where those responsible have refused to fix the bug I reported and rather interestingly both involve financial web sites.For some reason when their bug affects your finances those responsible appear unwilling to acknowledge that any bug even exists.

I have used three financial sites over the past five or so years and I currently only still have access to one of those having had to demand that my accounts with the other two be blocked from internet access because they refuse to fix bugs I uncovered in how their web sites work that involve unrequested monetary transactions.

I will continue to report bugs as I find them and expect that all those not involving monetary transactions will continue to get fixed relatively quickly after I report them. Should I find any more bugs in finance sites I will report them as a part of my request to close my account with that institution – simply getting them to block access to my account via the web after weeks of arguing with them about whether the bug exists will no longer be satisfactory.

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