Friday, May 11th, 2012

Back to the Stone Age

Tony Abbot’s reply to the budget suggested that massive savings could be made by scaling back the NBN and spending the money on roads instead. If it were 100 years ago then it would be the Labor Government introducing a new thing called roads and Tony Abbot suggesting that massive savings could be made by scaling back the creation of roads and using the money to buy more horses to pull trains instead. How short sighted can one person be. Not that most of the policies that the Labor party have are any better except that they are actually looking to the future by building the NBN to a level that will allow for the necessary expansion of that system in a few years time. Swapping expenses from one year to another just so as to keep a promise about returning to surplus is meaningless. In fact the entire concept of surplus being related to income and expenditure is meaningless. It is the value of the assets (not just in monetary terms) that matters and the most valuable asset currently being created is the NBN.

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