Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Horses Birthday

Listening to the radio this morning with a discussion about today (1st August) being the birthday for all horses here in Australia. Amanda Keller made the comment about no one asking a horse’s age. She obviously hadn’t a clue as to why all horses have the same birthday since it is because of the age that this is the case.

Some of the races that race horses participate in are restricted to horses of a particular age range. The whole point in having all horses share the same birthday is to ensure that whichever age group a horse is in at the start of the racing season will be the same age group that the horse is in at the end of the season. It isn’t so much when the horses have their birthday that matters, it is how their age is calculated so that it doesn’t change in the middle of the racing season that is the only reason why it is done this way.

No one really cares when the horses birthday is, all that matters is their age – exactly the opposite of what Amanda said on the radio.

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