Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Counties in England

Lots of off topic discussionslately on a railway email group that I belong to with regard to how addresses are worked out in England. In particular the discussion has dealt with whether the county needs to be a part of the address or not and in fact which county certain places actually belong to. At least most of the discussion has been in connection with the area where the railways that the group is supposed to be discussing operate.

One person suggested that the reason why some web sites insist on a county being entered even though it is completely unnecessary in UK addresses is that the site uses code originally written in the USA. This doesn’t make sense to me since I have never seen any US addresses where they use the county ther. For example I have only ever seen Orlando, Florida referenced – never Orlando, Orange County, Florida. Of course the state is considered mandatory in US addresses (usually as the two character abbreviation) but that is of course the equivalent of specifying whether a place is in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales for UK addresses. So I don’t think copying from the USA is the explanation of why some sites make the county a mandatory field for UK addresses when it is actually considered to be completely unnecessary by the UK post office.

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