Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Incorrect Traffic Report

On the way home yesterday I heard several traffic reports on the radio regarding the bridge on Newbridge Road being closed due to a truck having damaged it while trying to drive under it with an overheight load. Each time mention was made of Nuwarra Road as one of the roads that supposedly had higher traffic than normal with people trying to avoid the closure. This was not the case – if anything the traffic on Nuwarra Road was less than usual as a lot of the traffic bypassing the closure turned off before getting that far and so made it easier for some of the local traffic to continue past Nuwarra Road and use alternative routes through Moorebank. Nuwarra Road is jammed with traffic at that time of the evening EVERY DAY. Had the traffic been higher than normal then it would effectively have become a car park with it becoming quicker for everyone to just leave their cars there and walk the rest of the way home.

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