Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Tranquility Base here – The Eagle has landed

With those words Neil Armstrong opened a new age as he advised the world that he and “Buzz” Aldrin had arrived on the surface of the moon. The first men to land on another world. A short while later he became the first person to actually set foot on another world. Now just over 43 years later he is gone but will hopefully never be forgotten.

We also need to remember that he landed the Eagle manually after their intended landing site turned out to be covered with boulders and that there was less than 20 seconds of fuel remaining when they finally reached the ground (of course had he not landed within that remaining few seconds Aldrin would have hit the abort button and fired the ascent stage returning them to the safety of Michael Collins and Columbia in orbit but then they wouldn’t have been the first to land on the moon).

Armstrong also needs to be remembered as the first person to dock two spacecraft together in space albeit briefly since a jammed attitude jet put them into a spin which led to his disconnecting again in the hope the problem was on the booster he had just docked with (it wasn’t and he was barely able to regain control before the spin would have caused them to black out).

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