Thursday, September 13th, 2012


There was some discussion about funerals on the radio this morning. Apparently our prime minister’s father had decided that he didn’t want a funeral and so no funeral was being organised. The discussion was about how rare that situation is and how it can be difficult to convince the funeral home that no funeral is required.

The aspect that wasn’t discussed and which I believe to be more important is that the funeral is not for the deceased person and so should be the first thing connected with them that they should not have any say in. A funeral is for those left behind as an aide to them being able to say goodbye. As such the decision of whether or not to hold a funeral should be the decision of those still living and the deceased ought not to have any say in it. Unfortunately that could lead to difficulties with the funeral home where you have decided on a different way to say goodbye where it is not written down as the wishes of the deceased.

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