Thursday, September 20th, 2012


I have seen a lot in the new lately about bullies of all different types. Two particular types of bullies seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. The first is internet bullies – these are people who make use of social media on the internet to post personal attacks against selectd people. Unfortunately the people that they attack like this are those who are vulnerable and who don’t know how to handle such attacks. They don’t just report the attack to the appropriate authority and then move on – often they reply to the attack which tells the attacker that their attack was successful and so leads to more bullying and a worstening situation.

The second type of bullying that is in the news lately is in many ways far worse even though it directly affects far fewer people. These bullies don’t use the internet directly but actually go out into the streets and create a riot. If arrested they try to claim that they are the victim responding to the way that they have been attacked by others. They are not the victim though – they are simply bullies who have extreme views that do not correspond to those of the mainstream society that they live in. The only reason that they can do what they are doing in the first place is because the society provides everyonje with the sorts of freedom that they personally want to deny to everyone but themselves. If these people genuinely believed in what they claim to believe in then they would move to one of the countries where the people all share that belief (or at least where people don’t have the freedom to admit that they don’t). Here in Australia there is a multi-cultural society where everyone has the right to their own views and beliefs and as long as they don’t try to interfere with the views and beliefs of others (as these bullies are trying to do) and respect the law (as these bullies do not) then there should be nothing to stop them from having those views and beliefs. These bullies are trying to remove everyone else’s right to their own viewpoint by trying to claim to be victims where they have not been allowed to have their own viewpoint. That they are wrong is easily demonstrated by the fact that they have been arrested and have to appear in court. If they were right then they would already have sacrificed their lives for their belief before even having the opportunity for a peaceful protest. (Note that I have deliberately omitted anything specific about the particular beliefs of these bullies as that is completely irrelevant and my comment would apply regardless of what the particular bully believes in – I don’t care what they believe as long as they don’t try to interfere with what others believe).

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