Monday, October 15th, 2012


The Star Trek series where I’d seen the least episodes was “Enterprise”. I recently had the chance to watch the first episode of this series again and part way through realised why I have never watched much of the series. At one point there is mention of words that are unable to be translated from Klingon because they are presumably proper names for places. One of these words is “Rigel”. Now that is actually the English name for a particular place and so it makes no sense whatever that a Klingon would be using that as the place name rather than using the Klingon equivalent. Also the crew immediately decide they need Vulcan star charts in order to find where it is. As one of the brightest start in our sky and part of what is possily the easiest to identify constellation in our sky it seems difficult to comprehend why a star chart would be required in order to find it at all. All the crew really needed to do was to look out the window. I didn’t bother watching much more of the show because obviously the writers don’t seem to recognise that many of the places that Star Trek refers to are places that really exist and can be seen just by going outside and looking at the stars.

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