Thursday, February 21st, 2013

“Last Resort”

I saw the first part of this new fantasy show last night and thought that it was somewhat different from the other programmes I have seen involving nuclear war. There are many unanswered questions at the end which presumably will eventually be answered (or possibly not).

First and most obvious question is who sent the order for the submarine to launch? Also why was it sent via a secondary network? What was the purpose of the order? Apart from world wide nuclear destruction, what was the order intended to achieve?

Then there are the not quite so obvious questions. How did the missile fired by the sub get to fly half way around the world, right across America and fly low across Washington DC without being shot down? Presumably at about the same time Pakistan also launched missiles in response to the two that destroyed two of their cities – so assuming that most of those were also not shot down how many dozens of American cities are now radioactive craters? What will America’s response be next now that a significant portion of the country no longer exists? Will anyone still be alive at all at the end of part two? How many other nuclear powers will start throwing missiles in self defense to make sure that they are not America’s next target?

Returning to the situation with the sub there are also a few additional questions. Now that they have fired against America surely one of the remaining response missiles will be targetted against them as there would be way more than sufficient to wipe Pakistan from the map? With all the cast destroyed in a nuclear explosion at the start of part two where will the story go from there?

I suppose that they could reasonably delay the actual destruction of the world until the end of part two given that they can reasonably backtrack in time to show Pakistan’s response and then spend some time covering the destruction of various American cities. I don’t think that I will be watching though as I do not think watching simulated destruction of cities to be at all interesting – the only other even slightly believable part two would be if it turned out that the reason for the two strikes against Pakistan was at their request to help wipe out a goblin invasion and it turned out that the elves were responsible for the strike order.

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