Friday, March 15th, 2013

In Memeory of Light

This book provides an excellent conclusion to the series. While some of the books in the middle of the series did not appear to progress the overall story by much at all, this book is filled with events that all progress the story in one way or another. It is some time since I last read most of the prior books in the series and so each time that one of the threads left open in en earlier book was picked up and led to a conclusion reminded me of earlier sections of this story and clearly showed how some of the events that happened really early on tied into the overall story. I am not sure if all the loose ends get tied up but all of those I can remember certainly do and I can’t imagine that this series could have been written without an overall plan showing how all those story threads in the earlier books were to be tied into the conclusion.

The majority of this book is taken up with a war where the side we support is vastly outnumbered. There are lots of victories and defeats and some of those who we have followed through the series die, in some cases without having achieved their objective. The long sections in the earlier books that dealt with one particular story thread before switching to a different one are a lot shorter in this book. There is a lot more interaction between all the main characters in this book and so it isn’t possible for all that much to happen to one before they interact with another so each single chapter jumps between many different viewpoints.

For anyone who has been reading the prior books in this series, this book is definitely one that you should read. Even if you grew tired of the long books with not much happening and stopped reading around book eight or nine. While victory for the side of good is a forgone conclusion, the way in which victory is to be achieved and who does what in working toward that victory are not obvious from what has come before but are in at least some instances very dependent on those prior events. It is impossible to say much more about the book without giving away some of what happens and spoiling things for those yet to read this book.

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