Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Australian Internet – the Future

The Liberal party have now released their proposed alternative to the labor party’s National Broadband Network. While the NBN takes fiber right into people’s houses providing them with a minimum 100Mbit capability with easy upgrades to 1Gbit and beyond, the Liberal Party’s National Narrowband Network alternative uses existing copper wire for the last part of the connection giving an absolute maximum connection speed of 25Mbit. Apparently the Liberal party think that will be as fast as anyone will ever need. Presumably they are intending to ban the use of Ultra High Definition televisions in Australia as well since the only way of currently making use of such a tv at its full resolution is to stream content off the internet and that requires a minimum 30Mbit connection – which is faster than the Liberals think will ever be required. By the time that the Liberal’s NNN is finished there will probably be hundreds of similar things in use overseas that can’t be used in Australia because the internet connections are too slow. It would be just like having the sort of connection people had ten years ago (where maximum speeds were 33kbit) and expecting to be able to use it to access the internet today. Such a connection speed would mean that much of the internet would be unusable. The Liberal’s proposal will be exactly like that by the time they finish it. The only plus that it has is that converting it back into a broadband network would be cheaper than building the NBN from scratch but of course building it in two stages as the Liberal’s are effectively proposing (since obviously it can’t stay the way they plan to build it as that would be unusable by 2020) will be far more expensive and take a lot longer than the Labor proposal to build it all in one go.

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