Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Doctor Who – Hide

The episode title describes exactly what the author of this nonsense should do as well as what they should do with this episode. It has to be one of the worst episodes that has been made.

The doctor in this episode has completely forgotten how to pronounce the name of the planet where the blue crystals come from – something really surprising given that the planet played a big part in causing his third regeneration. He also seems to have forgotten that he hasn’t had an umbrella stand in the Tardis control room for over five hundred years.

The story line itself is also full of contradictions. If several photos taken over a few hundred years each show a ghostly image then how does a number of pictures taken over a few billion years suddenly turn into a clear image of a person? If that person experiences only three seconds of time during the entire life of the Earth then since the Doctor is in that pocket universe for many minutes then why do only minutes and not trillions of years pass while he is there? If the Doctor claims that having the Tardis enter the pocket universe would drain its power and cause it to die then why doesn’t its power get drained when it enters the pocket universe – has the Doctor forgotten how his Tardis works?

Just when is Steve Moffat going to produce a Doctor Who episode that is comparable to those produced by the other producers of Doctor Who instead of trying to make episodes even worse than those starring the fourth doctor and a tin dog?

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