Monday, May 27th, 2013

Star Trek

I saw the latest Star Trek movie on the weekend. The 3D effects were really good. I am still getting used to some of the new actors – particularly Kirk and Chekov. Also still not sure about substituting a romantic interest in Spock by Uhura instead of nurse Chapell. The story was well done with some unexpected twists as well as a few things that were easy to predict.

It was let down somewhat by the story line being basically a rehash of an earlier Star Trek movie. While telling a variant of a familiar story helped to identify the characters with Star Trek, this would have been a better choice for the first of the movies with the new characters rather than the second one. At this point a completely new story would have made it more interesting.

p.s. while the 3D effect was added to this movie in post production rather than the movie being shot in 3D, so much of the movie is computer generated that it isn’t really noticeable that it is really a 2D movie. All the scenes in this movie where the 3D makes a difference are computer generated.

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