Thursday, June 13th, 2013


I went to a “seminar” last night about beds. They started out with a whole lot of information about beds and why you need to change them regularly. They then went on to why their bed is different and doesn’t need to be changed ever. Now presenting one or the other of these by itself might have worked as either an information presentation about beds in general or as a sales promotion for their bed. Having been at least partly convinced by the argument about why ALL beds need to be changed regularly the suggestion that there was an exception only served to undo what had been achieved in the first part of the presentation.

Now I might have researched this further and made a decision later except that this particular company uses a pricing model that by the end of the evening had them on my blacklist. They have one price if you agree to buy there and then without having any time to consider and another 1/3 higher if you decide to buy later. Anywhere that isn’t prepared to give me at least a week to think about it is never going to get my business. I used to buy at these sorts of presentations and almost always ended up calling within a week to cancel my order. Now I just simplify that process by not ordering in the first place. If they’d been prepared to allow the same price for any orders within a week or two then I would at least have considered the offer but in my experience anything where they don’t give you time to decide is at best not worth habving.

A lot of the discussion during the evening was about the importance of sleep. The most positive thing I can say about the evening is that I only missed out on two and a half hours sleep that I would otherwise have had.

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