Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Leadership Change

So the Australian Labour Party changed their leader last night. Just what effect this has on the election remains to be seen. With this being the last day that parliament sits before the election and with the two parties evenly matched in numbers a vote of no confidence is possible. THis would be purely an ego thing since the next thing to happen after today is the election and it is not certain which party would benefit if the date of the election were changed.

If the parties were running proper positive campaigns about what they intende to do and why you should vote for them then the no confidence vote would not occur and the opposition would just be getting on with their campaigning with the change of leadership of the government not making any difference. The change of leader only makes a difference to the opposition because they are running a negative campaign telling everyone why not to vote for the other side and not giving any reason why anyone should vote for them. Such a campaign is only possible because voting in Australia is compulsory and if enough peopel listen to why not to vote for the other side then they end up voting for you by default even though ytour campaign hasn’t given them any reason why you’d be the better choice.

Politics in Australia has been in an awkward position for the last three years because the numbers in the house were so close. I don’t think that things are going to be improved much though if aone party gets the numbers by telling everyone not to vote for the other side though – it will only really be fixed when the parties return to campaigning on what their party intends to achieve and shows that they are above badmouthing their opponents.

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