Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

“The Mole”

Many years ago there was a show by this name that was quite enjoyable to watch. The contestants were given tasks that they tried to complete successfully so as to put as much money in the pot. Occassionally not all of the contestants were successful and not quite as much money went in the pot as might have done. The interest in the show was that not all of the failures were accidental. One of the supposed contestants was in fact not competing to win the pot but was in fact trying to keep the pot to as low a value as possible. That person was “the mole” and apart from trying to put as much money in the pot as possible the contestants were competing with one another to identify the mole and so be the person to actually win the pot.

Fast forward to yesterday for the premier of a show with the same name but with little else in common with te old show. Yes there are eleven contestants and the mole but in this new show it appears that there is nothing that the mole will need to actually do. The contestants seem to be actively sabotaging the show themselves. By the end of the very first night at least eight of the contestants had themselves taken deliberate actions to throw away their own potential winnings from the show. One contestant has already singlehandedly reduced the potential final prize money by over $16000. Not only was she stupid enough to decide that she will be the one of the eleven to score the lowest on the first quiz to test how closely they have identified the mole (the point at which the chances of not being the one eliminated are greatest) but she also went second in the rope crossing where her failure reduced the potential money from that task by $12000. Has she gone first then she would have only lost $8000 on that task where the way the reward is organised you want all of the failures to occur first so as to keep as much as you can at the end. With eight or nine of the eleven contestants actively sabotaging the show themselves I will not be watching any more. The mole will never need to act because the contestants are doing enough themselves to make sure that whichever of them wins will go home with next to nothing.

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