Thursday, July 11th, 2013

More on Beds

Last month I went to a presentation on beds. I didn’t buy one because the presenter contradicted himself with a number of statements, the pricing structure for buying was similar to that used by many internet scams and the claims were just too far over the top to be believable. ZA friend of mine did however decide to buy. Because the presenter said that there was a money back guarantee if you wanted to return it for any on no reason provided that you purchased an entire package of bed base, mattress, pillow and doona which was not available if you didn’t buy the whole pachage, that’s what he bought even though he didn’t really want the doona (which by itself was many hindreds of dollars). Now the doonas had come in two versions – one designed for an arctic winter and the other designed for a European winter (although the presenter referred to that as the summer one). I said on the night that the supposed summer one looked way too thick for an Australian winter (another reason I didn’t buy).

Having receive dthe bed that he ordered, my friend has now discovered why the presenter was able to say that no one had ever got a refund through the money cack no questions asked guarantee. Apparently buried in the fine print is the requirement that you actually keep the bed for at least eleven months and can only get your refund during the twelfth month. Since most people don’t have the space to store something as big as an entire bed for that long explains why no one has been able to clain on this supposed guarantee. Most people would have forgotten about the pillow, mattress and doona stuffed away in the garage or roof by the time the eleven months are up even if they did have the funds to buy a replacement mattress now and simply keep using the ugly looking base that came with the package. More likely, if they could afford to buy a decent bed to replace the package, they’d probably need to try to trade in the base from the package to attempt to reduce the cost of the new bed. Of course since you can’t sell used mattresses or pillows and even the so called summer doona is too thick for Australian conditions I imagine most of those would end up at the tip way sooner than more conventional alternatives.

If you decide to spend an evening at a presentation on a European bed that can supposedly do everything but fly, think again. There are far cheaper and more enjoyable ways to spend an evening even if you have to pay for your own meal.

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