Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Senate Voting

Having to either choose to follow a particular perty’s voting order or to number 110 candidates in order is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is how someone can then get elected with only a handful of primary votes ecause they are a lot of people’s 88th or so choice. The senate voting system definitely needs a review. Two alternatives come to mind.

  • Allow all the squares above the line to be numbered in order of preference. The votes go to those listed below the line as if the person had numbered down each column numbering the columns in the order specified. Optionally there could be an additional flag that can be ticked to indicate to number up a column instead of down. Anyone not in a column could be listed separately at the right allowing them to be numbered with either the above or below the line numbering.
  • Alternatively get rid of the above the line section completely but instead of requiring all squares to be numbered treat any ballot with at least ten squares numbered as valid. If someone’s numbered choices are not popular enough then their vote expires.

Either of these methods would give the people a better say in who they want to elect to the senate rather than some of the results from the current election where deals between minor parties have resulted in people’s votes being directed to candidates with the complete opposite views of those the person wanted to vote for.

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