Saturday, October 5th, 2013

“Earth Unaware”

I have been thinking about this book supposedly based in Orson Scott Card’s Enders Universe for a while since reading it. While the book itself was an interesting story, it didn’t really fit with the other Ender books (even taking into account the different author) and the more I have thought about it the less it fits.

In fact I have reached the conclusion that the book definitely does not fit into Enders Universe. If anything it may fit a parallel universe in which the Formic invasion was delayed by perhaps 100 years from when it occurred in the Ender books. In this alternative universe Mazer Rackham is involved in the first formic war rather than being an unknown ships captain who just happened to figure things out to win the second Formic war with a single shot.

The author appears to have got their wars mixed up. While there is nothing to contradict all of the other events mentioned in the book from having happened in the lead up to the first Formic war, Mazer Rackham could not have been born until long after that war or he would not have been young enough to participate in the second and third Formic wars. Also if he or an ancestor of the same name had played a significant role in the first Formic war then he wouldn’t have been an “unknown” ship captain in the second formic war.

The story would have been significantly improved by the removal of the anachronistic Mazer Rackham sections. Simply giving that character a different name so as to not associate him with the hero of the second Formic War would have been sufficient.

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