Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

“Highmage’s Plight”

I had read sections of this book some time ago when they were published in a series of issues of an emagazine. I was impressed enough by what I read then to buy the book.

As the first book by a new author it is quite good – I have definitely seen first books by other now well established authors that were much worse. As such this is definitely an author to watch.

The one issue that I did have with the book is that it does not really read as a continuous story particularly since the book ends at a point that would be at best half way through the story. Instead the book reads more like a series of episodes that involve the same characters. Yes the adventures continue on one after the other but throughout it seems like one adventure has to be completely finished and resolved before the next adventure can start and that makes the book read more like a series of short stories about the same characters rather than as the first part of a novel (and the way it just cuts off at the end means that it definitely is no more than a part of a novel).

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