Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

“Zandru’s Forge”

This is the third Darkover book that I have read that was written by Deborah J Ross. With each of these books it has been difficult to tell that the entire book wasn’t written by Marion as Deborah has a very similar writing style.

This book is set some years after “The Fall of Neskaya” but is close enough in time for characters from the earlier book to be the parents of people in this book. Also despite “Hawkmistress” being sometimes listed as an Ages of Chaos book and this one being listed as Hundred Kingdoms this book actually overlaps with “Hawkmistress” and one section of the book includes events that also appeared in that book but told from a different character viewpoint. I haven’t read “Hawkmistress” in a while but the repeated scenes from that book seemed close enough in what was being described to be able to explain away any differences as being due to differences in what the different characters remembered.

This book serves to tie the earlier book more closely into the overall storyline of Darkover. It also explains in part the origin of Varzil’s ring. Presumably the third book of the trilogy will explain both the further development of the ring and also how the Compact comes into force.

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