Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Sauron Strikes Back

In a recent interview George R Martin (author of the Song of Ice and Fire series) said, “I hope I never see Sauron Strikes Back written by some third rate writer who leaps at the opportunity.” The context that it appeared in suggested that Mr martin was unaware that such a book had already been written. The story of Sauron stiking back after his defeat was written by JRR Tolkein himself and was published as “Lord of the Rings”. Of course that story has already been retold one and a half times with the animated version of the first half of the story and of course Peter Jackson’s version of “Sauron Strikes Back” which was made as three movies. Mr Martin doesn’t offer an opinion on Peter Jackson’s version of “Sauron Strikes Back” so we don’t know whether he hopes to never see those movies produced or not.

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