Sunday, November 17th, 2013

I started writing about JavaScript for in September 2004 and continued to do so through to August 2011. At that point demands on my time meant that I no longer had enough time to do everything I wanted to and the exchange rate meant that what I was receiving from for the writing I did for them was greatly reduced. continued to pay me for displaying the articles I had written up until June 2012. Before the next payment was due the New York Times sold and the new owners wanted a new set of tax documents signed. You’d think that would be relatively straightforward but no – every time I submitted a set of documents that contained the correct information they’d send me back a new set of documents containing incorrect info that they wanted signed instead. This backwards and forwards of signed correct documents and unsigned incorrect ones has now gone on for over a year.

At this point I have decided to not waste any more time on trying to get’s new owners to accept the correct tax documents. The information I provided for their web site is now somewhat dated and getting further out of date all of the time (ECMAScript 5 was released just after I stopped writing for About and ECMAScript 6 is due for release soon – plus IE6 and 7 are now dead, IE9 introduced support for JavaScript, IE10 dropped support for JScript and Firefox 19 finally provided an integrated JavaScript debugger) and my JavaScript tutorials at JavaScript by Example are far more comprehensive and up to date than any of the earlier three versions I wrote for About.

So my involvement with that commenced over nine years ago is now at an end.

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