Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Doctor Who – Questions

While the “Day of the Doctor” shows that Steve Moffat is capable of producing a halfway decent episode of Doctor who, it does raise a number of questions that haven’t been answered.

1. “Night of the Doctor” reintroduces us to the sisterhood previously mentioned in “Brain of Morbius”. In that episode the machine Morbuis and the Doctor use for a ‘game’ shows images of the prior six incarnations of the Doctor while Morbius is winning. No other Doctor Who episode mentions those prior three versions of the Doctor and if they did exist then the ninth Doctor would have been the Valeyard.

2. Unless there were actually two more prior regenerations before the Morbius ones the eight Doctor should have had no problem with being able to regenerate so just why was it important that the sisterhood give him some of the elixer?

3. The doctor’s age. The first doctor was about 400 years old at the start of the show. The third doctor regenerated into the fourth at age 748. The fourth regenerated into the fifth at age 813. The sixth doctor was 953 when he regenerated into the seventh. The seventh regenerated into the eight at age 1009. The eleventh doctor lived for about 300 years without significantly changing his appearance whereas the war doctor had changed significantly between when he started and the “Day of the Doctor”so presumably he was around for well over 500 years. The ninth and tenth doctors claimed to be about 900 years old but taking into account the previous doctor’s ages perhaps they meant 1900. That would make the eleventh doctor about 2200, unless of course he’s lost track of the thousands in his age a few times in which case he’s a lot older.

4. Adding the war doctor between the eighth and ninth means that with only getting 12 regenerations that the next doctor will also be the last. The master obtained an extra regeneration by stealing a body and then somehow acquired at least two more without our having any explanation. If the Doctor gets more then not only would we need an explanation of why but we’d also need to know why they didn’t also show up in “Day of the Doctor”.

5. As the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver was destroyed at least once before the eleventh doctor was locked in the tower, how is his new screwdriver able to still be running the same calculation as was loaded into his old one? The prior doctors have no memory of setting up the calculation and so have no reason to have backed up the screwdriver so that the replacement can continue the calculation from the restored backup. The situation would have been just as funny and just as useful as a pointer to the eventual solution to the war had the eleventh doctor indicated that the calculation wasn’t there because his unfortunately wasn’t the same screwdriver.

6. Why did Moffat bother with the “Last Day” minisode which added nothing whatever to the story?

Overall a reasonable anniversary show but not one that provides any reason to keep watching what for the last couple of years has been a very poor show compared to much of its past.

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