Friday, April 18th, 2014

Half a TV Show

I thought it rather interesting how a recent newspaper article commented on TV stations deliberately having their shows run late and long in order to discourage people changing the channel (since the show on the other channel will already be part way through and who wants to miss the start of a show).

I actually think the opposite effect is the more likely result (it certainly is here). We almost never watch shows live – we record them to watch at a time that suits. The shows are recorded automatically based on a web based electronic program guide. This means that we rely on the TV station advising the EPG of the correct start and finish times for their shows sufficiently in advance for any changes to download before the show starts. When shows run late and long without sufficient notice the end of the show gets chopped off and who wants to watch a show with the ending missing.

All their running the show late means to us is that we missed the ending of that episode so why bother watching the show any more. I guess that’s why most of the shows we watch are in ABC and SBS where shows generally run according to the EPG.

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