Thursday, April 24th, 2014

The Queen

I recently saw an article on a news web site suggesting that it is about time that the Queen of England retired – if not immediately then within the next couple of years. What that article overlooked is that English monarchs do not have any history whatsoever of retiring (or abdicating as this specific retirement is called). There has been exactly one abdication in all of English history and that was the Queen’s uncle who wanted to marry someone that the monarch wasn’t allowed to marry. That certainly sets no precedent whatsoever for the Queen and so regardless of what they do in other countries it is reasonable to expect that unless the English Monarchy is disbanded completely that the Queen will retain that position until she dies. There is a precedent for the new king being extremely old when they take the throne. Edward VII was 60 when he was crowned and his mother was significantly younger than the current Queen when she took the throne (plus live expectancy was lower back then) so Charles finally taking the throne in his 80s is almost expected.

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