Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Game of Thrones

With all of the discussion of the TV series all over the web, it is just about impossible to avoid. If you haven’t actually seen the latest episode yet, simply visiting the web makes it seem as if you have seen the episode – there are so many spoilers around to tell you exactly what happened. So many in fact that if you didn’t see the latest episode it is as if you had seen it since you can’t avoid finding out exactly what happened.

This makes attempts by the producers to limit who gets to see it rather pointless. If you don’t subscribe to their pay network to see it that way and you don’t steal a copy to see that way then you just need to visit the web and you will be told exactly what happened and so will have effectively “seen” it anyway. Their attempts to get more people to pay to see it when it is first televised is therefore completely pointless as everyone else can simply “see” it free via all the web discussion and so will be just as unlikely to bother watching it again when it gets to free to air tv or is released on bluray as they would have been if they had actually seen the pay tv transmission. The only effect of the limited initial distribution is to encourage people to steal a copy so they can actually see it before the spoilers appear on the web.

Is this a new concept for tv show producers – encourage people to steal their show so as to minimise the chances of being able to sell them a bluray copy later – because of course anyone stealing it can rewatch that copy as many times as they like whereas anyone who would have watched it on free to air tv would have needed to buy the bluray in order to see it again. Of course some of those who steal it in order to see it before all the spoilers might also buy the bluray but not as many as would have if they hadn’t been encouraged by the producers to steal a copy first.

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