Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Delfosse Badgery

The very first plane built in Australia was constructed and flown by Mr Delfosse Badgery at a place now known as Badgerys Creek.

With an airport now about to be built on the same site surely it makes sense that the airport have the same name as it did over one hundred years ago – Defosse Badgery’s Airport. Naming it after someone not associated with either aviation or the area does not make sense when such a significant event associated with aviation occurred on that site.

If for some reason it isn’t named after him then the airport should at least be named after someone associated with flying. Naming it after a bridge builder who has no association whatever with flying is completely ridiculous – and that bridge builder already has a highway named after him which is another reason why he ought to be excluded even if it turned out that he built and flew the first Australian jet plane (which he didn’t).

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